Capacity Watch List FY17

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2016 Capacity Watch List 

School Board Policy 5.01, Student Assignment, calls for preparation of a “Capacity Watch List” each year. The Capacity Watch List identifies schools where enrollment is anticipated to reach or exceed 100 percent of capacity in the next five (5) years, based upon enrollment projections.

Schools listed on the 2016 Capacity Watch List are projected to reach or exceed their full design capacity within the next Five-Year Planning Period. Proposed solutions to lower utilizations may include one or more of the following: 
  • Monitor enrollment
  • Re-registration of all students including proof-of-residence
  • Comprehensive review of improper enrollment
  • Program change (ESE, PreK, choice, etc.)
  • Boundary change
  • Limit the number of out-of-boundary choice seats
  • Limit choice program(s) to in-house students
  • Addition of capacity (subject to State DOE approval and/or available capital dollars)
The 2016 Capacity Watch List is available on the school's Edline web page under "District Info" or via the Boundaries web page at: